Reversible Tote Bag

Sybil captivated readers and audiences in the 1970’s.  The novel and then the movie, featuring Sally Field and Joanne Woodward, brought to life the 16 personalities of Sybil.  While based on the true story, it was later proven to be a greater piece of fiction than fact.  In the end, the real story of Sybil for us is that you can be one thing one day and something entirely different on another.  So, meet our Sybil --- She is a larger than life REVERSIBLE bag to fit all your needs and baggage. 


Traveler Bag

 In the 1960’s United Airlines coined the slogan “Come Fly With Me” to woo the businessman.  How far we have come from the days of Stewardesses who made them want to Fly The Friendly Skies!  But the iconic image of these ladies in their mod dresses and fascinator or pillbox hats lives on in our minds and these fabrics made us want to Fly The Friendly Skies again.  Who were these beautiful high-flying women, you ask?  The only answer we can find is the modern-day equivalent, Heather.  She exudes old-world flying but with more practical shoes!