Toiletry Bag

Although Nancy Drew’s given name was Kitty – I am sure she should would have thought Kit sounded much cooler!  Or perhaps it was her alter ego in which she shrunk herself to find even the smallest of clues.  So we got to thinking… why wouldn’t we make a smaller cooler version of this toiletry bag, right?



Toiletry Bag

Nancy Drew’s given name was Kitty – Just google it!

When you look at all the various translations that have captivated young readers around the world, it is Kitty Drew.  Kitty never left home without her flashlight and magnifying glass and we are certain she had to have used a special bag to hold them.

Well, when we leave home for any bit of time, we never leave without our special moisturizers, serums, potions, and whatever other tricks we may have up our sleeve that help us solve our own mystery… the never-ending pursuit for the fountain of youth.