Makeup Bags

Dolly Parton, we salute you!

A pioneer for women in all facets of life: business woman; acclaimed writer; musician; philanthropist. You are a woman who thinks outside the box. This bag represents some of those things? Yes! Make-up spills and lipstick smudges are no match for the laminated fabric interior. Dolly is our metaphor for laminated fabric. She is invincible.



Clutch Bags

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl, with a sequined clutch that she wears and a dress cut down to there – and who couldn’t see Lola in her yellow dress with one of our velvet and sequined clutches?  Barry Manilow created Lola, who lives on in one of the most iconic songs, and will forever be that glamorous lady at the Copacabana.  But maybe it is time to replace feathers with velvet…