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Blanche Devereaux from The Golden Girls was the 1980’s Sex and The City’s Samantha Jones.  She was a sexual pioneer before we even knew what one was.  Her ability to be all things we have come to know ourselves to be was a television first.  Blanche was funny, smart, self-assure on the outside and vulnerable on the inside, and a sexy woman of a certain age.  If ever there is to be a scene recreated and relived, it was Blanche’s singing debut at The Rusty Anchor.  Don’t we all need a bar named The Rusty Anchor?  Um….yes!




Rose Nylund was just the simple girl from St Olaf who kept us laughing for years.  Simple girl maybe, but not so fast.  Certainly Rose had us in stitches, especially when she said, “I feel so common, so cheap, so used…How do you usually deal with that, Blanche?”  But there was so much more to Rose.  She was the compassionate one in the group who kept everyone grounded and occasionally brought us all to tears, especially with her stories of her Charlie.




Who knew Dorothy Zbornak was written specifically for Bea Arthur?  Truly, Bea and Dorothy go hand-in-hand.  She was honest, vulnerable, smart, sarcastic and protective.  Although Dorothy wasn’t the matriarch, she kept all the girls in check.  She also showed Blanche up at The Rusty Anchor a time or two.  And we haven’t even mentioned Stan.  Stan never stopped loving her and she never stopped reminding him of his mistakes.  A woman after our own hearts.